Don't Use Braindump Software for Preparing Exam!?!

I got the inspiration for writing this post from my last post "8 Things To Help You Pass CCNA Exam".

I posted about the things I consider necessary to boost your chance in passing the CCNA exam, and without knowing the legal aspect I foolishly added about Questions Bank and Exam Simulators (braindumps) in my points.

Luckily one of the readers - Robert Williams - from certguard told me that using those two points are illegal and can get you loose your certifications.

What??? hah I didn't know about that. Luckily I do now, and hopefully I can share something about this to you.

After receiving Robert's comment, I took a research about braindump, so what exactly is braindump?

According to wikipedia brain dump is

the transfer of a large quantity of information from one person to another or to a piece of paper can be referred to as a 'brain dump'.

In a certification world apparently the braindump software is like questions bank or exam simulators made by people took certain exam and share the questions to other people in reward of money.

Why is it illegal to use braindump software? I quoted the following from certguard:

Back when a braindump was a 'Brain Dump', they weren't as harmful. Were they illegal? Maybe they were, maybe they weren't. By today's standards, YES they were illegal, but many Certification Vendors hadn't put those standards into place until AFTER the number of thefts was truly visible, hence the reason for the Non-Disclosure Agreements that we are all forced to read today.

Then, in 1995, a company came along that screwed up our entire Certification world. They took braindumping to a new level by mass producing thousands upon thousands of certification questions from multiple certification vendors and selling them to unsuspecting candidates at an unbelievably LOW price.

Braindump users have compromised the IT Industry by reducing the value of certifications. Exam takers without solid IT experience are artificially passing exams to better their chances of employment in the industry. Unfortunately, as they become employed they do not provide companies with competant skill sets. This in turn makes them less valuable and reduces the salary IT workers are paid. Ultimately this makes the hard won certificatons by legitimate test takers with solid skills and experience suffer.

Sadly, many IT jobs have been outsourced to substandard workers at lower wages. To get their foot in the door they use braindumps to achieve certifications. No one wins in this situation. The company suffers and when the company suffers so do the outsourced workers.

Braindumps hurt everyone.

I honestly don't know how they find out whether you're using braindump softwares or not, but it's more like a self conscious part of you.
Do you want to pass the exam badly, or you want to pass it in dignity?

I also don't know which software is illegal, to find out, certguard provides this link to check the legality of the software.

I personally agree with certguard people, let me know what you think about this by commenting this post, thanks.

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